Reaching Out

Written by: Bill Lindenmuth

Like a branch that reaches out toward the sun 
Or a leaf that gently touches the sky 
steadfast and growing with roots running deep 
or a robin preparing to fly 
like a wing that glides on a gentle wind 
seeking its way to a nest 
like a wave gently rolling ashore 
Searching for a place to rest 
Like two hearts beating from many miles away 
thumping in perfect harmony 
trying to find some common ground, to set their spirits free 
Like a kite that slowly dances across the sky 
or the sun that chases the moon 
like a rainbow arched from right to left that somehow faded much too soon 
Like a dolphin leaping over a perfect wave 
or a shooting star that glitters in its flight 
The soft sweet whisper of a gentle sea breeze 
as the daytime slowly turns into night 
like a mother and child sharing time 
precious moments in a gentle embrace 
like the the sun that rises in the eastern sky 
with a smile on its early morning face 
like the golden rays reaching out to touch 
the green soft earth below 
like a love that seeks to find an answer 
one you might already know 
like a song that reaches out to find 
an open and receptive ear 
like the person scared to make a change, suddenly losing that fear 
like a road that reaches out to nowhere, suddenly finding its place 
like two people standing hand to hand, gazing into each others face 
like the warmth that comes from within the heart 
reaching out for each other with a love that cannot be torn apart