Written by: Manoj Kumar

*** Ritisha is my daughter's name. In Sanskrit, it means The godess of Truth or someone who never lies***

I watch her stir awake
And open those deep dark eyes
The look in it my breath it does take
And all I can do is sigh

She sees me looking at her
And her lips break into a smile
And yes I am her big tall father
But I fight my tears and try not to cry

She holds my hand in her tiny fingers
And pats my unshaven face
Then she gets up all lady like
Oh! You are so full of grace

I watch her leave in her school bus
All smiles and happy between friends
And I wave her good bye hiding my tears
Yes, it’s a daily trend

Watching you leave for school
Makes me think of the day you will go away
And maybe I am being just a fool
Worrying over you this way

But I can tell you this my baby, my daughter
And what I tell you is true
The greatest friend you will find is me, your father
And I’ll be there to protect you

So step into the world and spread your wings
And soar high in the sky
‘Cause till I am there in your life
I’ll ensure you never cry