On Winged Feet

Written by: Mike Bayles

On Winged Feet

                  I want to fly on winged feet,
                  I want to blaze a trail
                  no one else follows
                  and I want to carry a message to all
                  so Mercury would be proud.

                  Muscles afire on a summer day,
                  I want to leave all pretenders
                  gasping for air in a trail of my dust
                  for they will all know me by my speed,
                  a speed they can’t even imagine.

                  Alberto Salazar* will be amazed by me,
                  for I have stolen his heart of fire and his soul,
                  and this path laid out is my Heaven,
                  and no one knows it as I.

                  After I beat the Kenyans in a 10K,
                  they will go back to their villages
                  to train and train again,
                  and those along pathways and streets
                  will call my name long after the races
                  I’ve won, to live and dream
                  while my journey has just begun.

                  *Alberto Salazar- the top U.S. marathoner 1981-1982