There is an Anger in this Land

Written by: Richard Moriarty

There is an anger in this land One that is not to hard to understand. It comes from a lack of trust Of those we elected to represent us. This nation was created as one under God It was built by workers of the sod, People from all walks and faiths of life Coming to a land free of strife. From the humble beginnings of an early time When a people who came with a yearning to be free Throwing off the shackles of tyranny Established a government elected to represent the many. As time went on the government grew Until it reached the point where it was run by a few. Lost in time was the point of view That the government is designed to keep the people free. Full circle we are coming in this land that was free To once more subjected to a form of tyranny. Now that banner our forebears flew Is again unfurled with its message for all to see: “Don’t tread on me”.