Reaching Out June 8 2011

Written by: Priscilla Larson

Life seems like a mess right now 
and it feels like nothing you do makes it right.
From dawn till dusk, the routine is the same, 
nothing said just silence, until you turn off the lights.

So many unspoken words 
and the pain runs to deep.
Silence sometimes can be a comfort zone,
a safe place to hide what is only yours to keep.

With an undesirable need for attention, with no options to take,
trying to balance on top of a chain link fence.
Reaching out for help can be the hardest part,
it's highly considered a sign of weakness.

There is nothing to ease your pain, nor take it away,
your feelings are buried to deep within.
With a lack of concentration and easily side tracked,
you need a little bit of inspiration.

Look through a stained glass window,
a silhouette will slowly appear.
A beautiful image will capture your soul,
His aura will draw you near.

Don't be afraid,
His love will set you free.
Accept the Lord, Jesus Christ in your life,
just have faith, hope and believe.

You will experience many powerful changes,
as your life begins to grow.
Always trust in the Lord,
His love for you will always show.

Satan will try to puncture your soul,
with evil ideas and actions that are obserd. 
Talk it over with God and pray everyday,
use the power of your words.

The Lord enjoys to hear your voice
and everything you have to say.
Even if it's just to say, "I love you Father,
Please bless me through this day!"