Unstable Lies

Written by: Chrissy Downing

You knew at the beginning she was looking for more than you could give
But you let her jump anyways knowing that she’d fall
As she leapt you stretched out your arms giving her false hope
A smile like no other you’d seen on her face
But in a second you wiped it out of place
Her hands grasped out for yours
In a split second decision you snapped your hands back
Watching her fall
And now that’s all you can do
Sitting there watching her fall
Seeing the promising woman you took from her
Reverting her back to that insecure little girl
She once was a long time ago
You look deep into her eyes as she falls
You realize it wasn't worth it all
To lose someone like her
Now you beg for her to come back
Understanding the mistake you’ve made
But the future is unknowing
So there is no knowing if you can undo what you’ve done
Can you imagine a lifetime without her
Her laughter will no longer ring in your ears
You won’t be able to see that sparkle in her eyes
Are you really sure you want to build her up on your unstable lies…