Written by: Eric Morthan

Being invisble
Like I was not there at all

Being unnoticed
Like there is a chance I could fall

Being too far away
Like I have forgoteen how you smiled

Being alone
Like the world is nothing in my life

Because I was invisble to you
Because I could not be seen
Because I haven't seen you
Because we forgotten everything

Being invisible
Like there's nothing but air

Being hollow
Like being erased undeclared

Being the Only One
Like the world is not fair

Being so Curious
Like I wanted to know what's not there

As I passed through dimensions of time
As i walked the earth with my own two feet
My world became so dark without the light
Everything just come and flow like a passing wind

Being Invisible
And that's what am I now..

I am invisible
I am unable to come around

Because you can never see me now