Cradled in your Arms

Written by: Bill Lindenmuth

Cradled in your arms
Held close to your heart
This dance will never end
Once you let it start
Step away with me
Follow where I go
Our loves takes us to places
That only we can know
Lost within a dream
we drift away in peace
passionate souls united
our hearts feels its release
this dance is never over
in your arms eternally
we hold each other closely
our spirits are set free
love may sometimes stumble
but ours will never fall
for what we feel within
is the greatest love of all
I hear the music play
Lost in its melody
We dance through out the night
Together you and me
When I hold on to your heart
And you nuzzle close to me
Holding each other together
That’s the way its meant to be
For as long as I shall live
My hands reach out to touch
As we share the love we give
And we give so very much
As we dance in to the night
And the night time fades away
I will be cradled in your arms
To stay