I can see

Written by: Bill Lindenmuth

Visions captured images true
Shades of red and green and blue
Bright yellows and orange rust
Conically influenced
Our visions trust
Sweet vibrations
Curving light
Opaque blackness
Shades of night
Visually here and shared by all
Images stored for recall
But the most beautiful vision
It cannot be seen
It can only be felt
Fiery passion  serene
Existential closeness
Without explanation
Moving yet motionless
Energy vibration
Soul unfolding
From within revealed
Forever sacred 
No longer concealed
Words unspoken
Thoughts complete
The fire of passion
Never ending heat
The lightness of heart
Inner spirits entwined
Souls joined together
Sweet love enshrined
With both eyes closed
I can see from within
The fires that burn
 An  inferno within
All that I am feeling
Was truly meant to be
When I look to my heart
I can truly see