Written by: Ashley Plotczyk

Two new-found lovers
Discovered a happy heart
Each one smiling at the start

Lost in each others eyes
Filled with dreams and wishes
Experiencing each others' soft sweet kisses

As time went forth
Their love only strengthened
Being together forever could happen

Always enjoying each others' company
Always having each other in their thoughts
Living each day with out fear or faults

Knowing what they had was perfect
Not worried about anything or sad
Because all they needed was what they had

However, times began to change
The mood began to blend in the wind and fade
All the happiness hid away within the shade

New feelings awakened them
Both lovers pulling apart
All the while their hearts being struck by pointed darts

Anger now arose throughout their veins
Pumping tainted blood in and out their hearts
Destroying and attacking them apart

Awakening to despair and disbelief
Going to sleep only to organize nightmares
Knowing that feeling this emotion was not fair

The happiness needed to rise back up with the sun
They had to do something to show they care
They knew they should always be there

Neither one is letting go
Each one holding tight
Catching their breath 
Fighting with all they got left

Their hearts scared with lies
And scratched by mistakes
But deep down inside under tears 
Cried there is hope

Forgetting the past burdens
And remembering their love
Like nothing ever could change that
Nothing at all

Still thinking into the future
Laying with touching hearts
Kissing with the very passion from the start
A gift lasting for eternity