Written by: cherilyn fry

A woodland path in the dappled sun, hushed and quiet 
sometimes straight
sometimes curvy
sometimes up
and sometimes down
but no matter which way it goes
colors displayed go from verdant shades to brown...

along the way mushrooms have sprouted their
white speckled tops over the red hood
and skunk cabbage
in an odoriferous kind of way
it is a most beautiful day -

this woodland path
holds many discoveries for the eye to see
if only one might take the time
to simply be
be one with natures abundance
as the time comes and goes
and as I walk along
there is a pond that from the shadows grows
so calm and so still
my woodland path
takes the edge of the cities chill.

cherilyn fry
contest:  a woodland path
done:  june 7th, 2011