I am real

Written by: Samuel Fatokun Ph

I've cast lots
I mean lots of lots,
Even in parking lots
But my lot is in words,
A lot of words!

A drink in a cup can quench a thirst
But rivers of water brings my thirst(topics to write on)
My thirst is quenched in my lot as "said"(lots of word)
Living thirst?!

My thirst reduces, the more you see "this"(my poems)
No! My thirst is continuous!

I do think it's a joke
Not knowing it's a yoke
But my yoke is seasoned with jokes,
I hope...
Who said no?!

No need to explain
Is this not plain?
My pain on this plain page
Oh! The thirst reduces...
No! It increases!
On and off it goes...
Constant thirst!

What's the best than the truth
Right here and "here", doing what I choose
I mean what chose me!
This is so real!

My story, my agony, my journey,
All through me, not by me,
Through me!

What's real than being real?!
My thirst, is real 
I write, that's real,
Oh! I'm real!
Right now! I'm real!
Ain't I?!