Your Craziness

Written by: Chilli Stephenson

How am I supposed to find a way through this, when you never let me up for air.
With your foot on my head, you just keep pushing me down… to where?
There’s nothing left for me to breathe, just this bitter taste of pain.
How’s about you and I just realize that sometimes people change.
‘Cause I don’t have a reason, and I don’t have the strength
I can’t breathe underwater where your craziness makes sense.
And there is never ever reason to fight the way we do and
If you won’t let me breathe then I will pull you down here too.
You act like you don’t make mistakes. You act like you are clean.
You like to set your tongue on fire and aim it right at me.
But this time I’m breaking it, this time you’ve pushed too far
And now I’m supposed to just take it. Is this really who you are?
How am I meant to show love, when you cannot engage.
You say you want it but then you act like you’re a million miles away.
So tell me please where do we go from here?
Tell me again… I’m sorry I didn’t hear!