A New Day Given

Written by: Richard Moriarty

With the setting of the sun
Another day has been won
Deep purple and red skies blend together
Mark the memories of another day forever.

Once a long, long time ago
My days seemed so dark and forlorn
But then I realized that with the passage of each
I had but to listen to the words of a sage
With words that had been handed down through the age,
That from the beauty of the setting sun
Came the anticipation of the glorious sun-rise of another one.

Time can heal all wounds of pride and heart
Each day can bring bright rays of joy for a new start.
The beauty of the setting sun
Reminds me of another day being won.

How I love to see each day that I’m given
To know that I have striven
To bring to my heart a joy of a life lived
And the anticipation of the sun-rise of a new day given.