Fear turns to Fairytale

Written by: Afroze Ali

"A woodland path in the dappled sun, hushed and quiet "

                                                             ~A Rambling Poet~

Are the woods waiting to spring a surprise,
do I hear haunting melodies and cries,
Is there someone hiding behind those trees,
are the woods filled with painfully stinging bees,
I tread slowly for there might be a snake,
my throat is parched, is there a lake?
Are there strange creatures hanging from those firs,
am I hallucinating? My heart is in a stir...
That light ahead, is it fog or a ghostly apparition,
scared I walk on biting my nails, eyes wide open.

Thoughts, then run rushing back to childhood
and suddenly I am brave like little Red Riding Hood.
Fearless of the wolves that’ll cross my path
I surge ahead, with a song in my heart.
Maybe I’ll find a cottage like Goldilocks
with porridge filled in three little pots.
I even might end up with dwarfs seven in number
waiting for a prince while in slumber.
My fears all vanish one by one 
the power of nature overwhelms
I look up at the woods in awe and wonder
to God’s fairytale I surrender…

for Constances's contest  A woodland path