Candy afternoons Part two

Written by: Richard Bates

still we watch while most of you point fingers at the fat girl while your habits are 
obese… even now I live in fear of what the future holds for me because of how 
much of the meager more you many consume … you’ve made it a talent… the genius 
of intellectual gluttony next here on ABC…millions marvel at these depreciative 
skills… while the masses use relativity to stand in their defense of this constantly 
consuming  tootsie roll mentality …. And I cry as our spiritual health continues to 
 No, I’m not here to stand by active inactivity and let it reinforce a something that 
creates nothing…No, I’m not here to watch how it makes you suffer and to look 
away as you avoid what you have to endure…I’m not about to tolerate all of MY 
OWN misgivings that have manifested out of this over-consumption culture and its 
shallow draw…
….I am not okay with these ways… I will never give my stamp of approval….No, I do 
not accept….!!!!