Written by: Gamaliel Ogunlaja

From Naija I hail
Across tough and turbulent tides I've sailed
My country, a hardening ground for life
prepares you for the world's untold strife

From Naija I learnt
Not to give in though life stretches you at both lenghts
For it pulls you apart to live
So you can in every situation have thanks to give

From Naija I've known
That the rumblings of a man is for his own
To offer comfort in his home with parity
From whence starts care and charity

From Naija I hold
That some things stay constant as untold
laughter in lack and peace with it
The earth beneath that wont quake even when trouble sits

From Nigeria I'll ascend
For what goes up in here never will descend
And its joy to know am nearer up there
Than those whom the law of gravity has taken care