Nighttime Symphony

Written by: Annalee Pierce

Before I go to bed tonight, I'll leave
My window open
Just a crack; just in case you miss
Me, and find the time to rescue
Me and whisk me all the way back home
I'll feel the breeze
And hope it carries you as I find my
Way towards sleep
Meanwhile, you're out in the world, being
Beautiful without me

What I would give to fall asleep to
A lullaby of you
You are the soundtrack of my Neverland
The song that sings my youth
Forgive me if I cling to you, if I am afraid to
Let you leave
But then, as crickets chirp outside my
Still open window
I spend another night with them for  friends
Their hum, an open taunt

I almost slam the window shut, after
Hours have gone by
Then sigh and do nothing, because after
All, I can’t lock out my
I almost say I’m sorry, but I know well
I speak to no one
So I listen to the sound of summer creeping
By; the symphony that you
Devised, sometimes it feels, just for me
But I know that’s not true

Because I am just a spec of dust
Within the spirit that makes you
I could raise the masses of hell, and I know
I could not move you
And I wonder, what have I done to deserve
The loveliness that is you?
With nothing as my calling card, it is 
Nothing that comes out
Of my selfish, wishful child’s mouth, and though
You said you’d listen, I do not call

Eventually, your lonely summer symphony
Puts me fast asleep
And in the morning, I awake to the birds
Singing good mornings like a
Barber shop quartet. Not much has changed
Since nightfall, but on the windowsill
Rests a wild tiger lily, plucked from its tallish
It could have blown in just by accident, yet I
Take it as a sign
That you were just leaving me a present, 
In place of kissing me goodnight