the girl in the red dress 2

Written by: Anna Ruiz

gulls shriek their gullness
across my field of silence
morning ripens into Monday
and the dance begins, 

cars whizz into traffic jams, doors slam
the world coming in and going out,
dogs bark their allegiance, the morning's Halleluyah chorus
still singing their bird song as if nothing else

it was a good weekend, now locked into the
trunk of memories, I apologized to you,
perhaps already forgiving myself for being
the girl in the red dress, confident and 
tearing out your eyes with the lust of longing,
I was young and filled with the arrogance
of red, 
an open flower for hungry tongues

you didn't know me 
then, when my cheeks were soft
as petals
and my stride was long-legged

we missed a lifetime together
and the days are shorter now.