Keep my words and treasure up
Keep my law and live
Keep my teaching as the apple of your eye
Bind them on your finger

And tablet them in your heart
Keep yourself whole
I have looked out through my lattice
And seen among the simple

Passing along the street near her corner
Now in the street, now in the market
And at every corner they lies in wait
With much seductive speech to persuade you

Now pay attention to my words
Let not your heart turn aside to corruption
For many are victims they laid low
Does not wisdom call?

Does not understanding raise her voice?
To you, oh men, I call
And my cry is to the children of men

Oh simple ones, learn prudence
Oh fool, learn sense
Hear, for I speak noble things
And from my lips comes what is right

For my mouth will utter truth;
Nudity is an abomination  my soul
Nothing twisted my word 
Take my PROWESS instead of gold.