Belly Dancer

Written by: elizabeth wesley

I walked in and found a chair,
And sat down and saw you there;
The light was shining, the light was low,
The candle flickered soft and slow.

The lonely music filled the night,
I felt right then my heart take flight;
The voice that taunts behind the veil,
Haunting echoes that sob and wail.

Hips that glide with slow gyrations,
Arms that weave with undulations;
Languid eyes touched with kohl,
Whisper words to flame the soul.

The sounds of that persistent beat,
Soothe the brow with passion's heat;
Lost in the scene that ignites my eye,
Heats my skin and makes me cry.

You move thro night and cast your spell,
And thoughts I think I'll never tell.
Let's pretend there'll be no end,
For you are more to me than friend;

I want to take you in my arms,
And feel the warmth that never harms;
I play on the strings of love's romance,
As you swing and sway in a belly dance