As Soon as It Came as Soon as it Left

Written by: louzana nubani

And you just stood there
Watching happiness being poured by us
You just didn’t let us
Didn’t let us be 
You had to envy the joy
And break the pleasure
Then why can I blame you?
You wanted joy yourself
And I pitied you
Wanted you to join us
But then the person than makes us we
Had to be become stupid 
And perform a disrespectful move
And so we split 
The bliss moving away, like a casting sunset
Melting into solitude
For well happiness and delight
Can not take place with only one person
And so we paused, waiting for something to happen 
Until my disrespectful partner had to make a dishonorable move
Going to you, seeking forgiveness
Giving up hastily, and coming back to me
Foretelling lies and discussing one’s previous actions
And I shut him out just as you did
Pretty move, you could’ve got me with your magic
But time and time again
Took that away
Tuning friend into enemy 
And almost being an enemy’s friend
That's what it does
And that’s what’s happening