Kindred Soles

Written by: Michelle Artiaga

I just can’t find the words,
To ease the pain you feel.
Please know that you are not alone,
And somehow time can heal.
My heart, how it breaks for you,
As tender teardrops fall.
We may never have the answers,
To understand it all.
When everything around you crashes,
The roots of faith are tested.
Yet, beneath a devastated land,
The seeds of love are rested.
Once again, to rise, and be reborn,
New life and hope restored.
May Jesus hold you now,
The one who truly knows.
Our Lord and Savior,
He’s been there,
Fragile hearts and souls enclosed.
The pain and hurt you feel now,
So few have ever known.
He knows the feeling,
He bears the scars,
My friend you’re not alone.
I too, have walked in shoes you wear,
The path of thorns unfolds.
His footprints will alone remain,
He carries kindred “Soles”.