im so uffing---

Written by: eddie merritt

So pemped up with aggression
Hindering my thought processes
Heart is sinking low to deep to mess with
Head stretched n
Scalp finger nail pressed in
More wound up than a spool of thread
My death is in front of my eyes no longer in my head
I'm so uffing pissed 
Pick the whole world up n throw it on the grill
Watch it burn
Take an A K to the brain of every happy thing
Drenched in the blood of the slain
Use their body parts to play charades
Slit my skin 
Rip it off n expose within
A heart
All essential organs
Same as u all 
I'm so uffing hurting
I'm lurching 
Hunch back begging for a purpose to be deserving
I'm so uffing confused
What am I to do 
Alone who knew
Pleading with the man above to covet me in his hug 
I wanna forfeit n try to catch another bus
I'm so uffing 
I'm so uffing 
I'm so uffing 
I'm so uffing 
Hurt pissed off n lord only knows
I'm so uffing
Ready to go.....Peace