Bottled Emotions

Written by: Leighann Anderson

Emotions, what exactly are they?
Many think they are part of being
human, others think they are shared
by all living things.
Anger, happiness, sadness, love
and hate, these are all emotions; 
confusion ripens within them all.
Life itself provides opportunities 
for emotions to take seed within
the mind but many things can sow
them deep within.
A mixture of emotions can be felt
instantly, like a dark cloud falling
as rain on to the drought damaged
Emotions can make many feel full
of irksome thoughts that never
seem to go away; they sink their
claws deeper into the mind
determined to make their mark.
Many of us have the inane habit of
masking our true emotions with
a false reflection of contentment
when chaos is occurring within 
our minds; depression and misery
are forged in the furnace of the
mind, creating a prison to
bottle up our true emotions.
Many bottles may be created
but eventually they will shatter
releasing the emotions in one
explosive event demolishing the
false outer shell of deception.