inspiration pink perfect

Written by: eddie merritt

I'm still around
Still here 
Standing still now
Trying to get my crown
I'm still around
Still here
Still fighting to feel worthy now
I'm still around
Look hard becuz I'm fading in with the crowd
I'm right here next to the rocker and the cousin of a clown
I'm still here 
Ain't trying to go nowhere
Adimttingly feel like something
Not in the picture
Ignored not seen be caught whatever
I'm still here
Say something outa whack that lacks consideration
Trying to hard 
A bit impatient
At times a biggomist
Even to certain ppl racist
But not by breed
All the time anyway
Never knowing what to say
Or the right way to lay 
To get my point across 
Conversing seems like I'm lost
Being dumb founded
Procrastination is related to my service
Heart so big 
Head else where
At times can be uffing worthless
No I am not perfect
But I'm still here 
I'm still around 
I'm still here fading into the crowd.....Peace