The Shepherds Call

Written by: Stephan McBride

A Shepherd tends to his sheep
watching over them to protect
His desire is to keep them all close
To see them all gather 
from the call of His voice
He shall provide and lead them to water
so they shall not thirst
He shall lead them to green pastures
for their hunger is satisfied
The Shepherd is love and comfort
but yet so few will return the love
and seek for his guidance and knowledge
for they do not understand how all have gone astray
For they might see a few green plants
begin to bloom and wander off from the Herd
in search of trying to eat on their own
maybe a mud puddle in view as they run
to drink it before the others take notice
These sheep grow more confident in providing for themself
and wander further as each day passes
seeking from their own wisdom
while pushing down a corrupt path
causing confusion to escape their winding maze
The Shepherd continues to call
for the ones which have got lost
He longs to see them come out from the wild
His mercy and love  forgives them of where they have been
while making a new creation
so they shall love and teach of their escape
Many sheep shall hear His voice and know this is Him
listening carefully  to be lead back Home
To be thankful He never quit calling
and the desire to feel the Love and Comfort once felt 
To rejoice in living in His Herd