Three Course Day

Written by: TAE JUN CHA

Appetizer of the day,
the morning fried egg sun,
yolk pulp and burnt crisp around the face,
pumpkin fries like sun rays shoot sharply downward,
the air dispersed everywhere like ketchup,
Durant street is straight as a bacon
and Telegraph bacon cross-sections Durant,
the clear sky wheat bread drenched in white milk.
it is 9:30 my morning class,
feels like breakfast to my mind,
so filling.
open Diet Coke
open reader spill some drops
wait for to-go at Kimchi Garden
Terriyaki is so quick
but beef is tastier than chicken I guess.
write notes on tissues because of the forgotten notepad
essay, presentation, essay, reader, midterm
check cell phone to-do list 
sip diet coke
check list again
"Beef Terriyaki to-go"
Grab food, forget diet coke on table
run to room and get ready for the last class.
walking out of the rusty Sather Gate
in memory of the late Peder,
Almost 7 PM, feels like prison break.
The burden of a vertebrate,
Exhausted legs leaking battery acid,
Red eyes need some varnishing.
On the way home, I stop by Yogurt Land
a weary lion scavenging for fresh blood;
NY Strawberry cheesecake flavor 
Dessert of my day, of course
the stars taste so sweet after hard work.
What a day.