A Mirror And Me

Written by: Daljit Khankhana

Oh mirror, you read me always as I grown up.
You enjoyed my childhood when I have train up.
In my happiness you noted a vision of my greed,
You pointed me pimples when beauty has top up.
You read my mind and heart in any change of time,
You supported me in all manners that were civil or crime,
You always spoke and advised me when I fall in any crisis,
You realised me and forced to gain that was my main prime.

Whenever I come to you, it was bearable in any mood.
You relaxed and satisfy me when I turned to check my hood.
You care for my personality, also grace and dignity call,
You laughed at me when I didn’t hear you that I could.
Your visionary image guided me and promoted my vision,
You selected matching colours for me in running all fashion.