To Many Lines

Written by: Scott Skaggs

My reason for being alive, Could consist of way to many lines,
No matter what form I choose to write in at this time,
As a young man doing what seems to be right.
Keeping confidence at a all time high, 
With clipped wings, never supposed to fly,
Never meant to see what meets the eye,
Let me tell you what was in my mind,
I always thought I would grow up to be the good guy,
But I had a high for hopes ego, And A high on life pride,
I never have went back to find my reasons  why,
In fear of seeing a whole not book filled with lies,
I'm sorry for all the people I hurt in that stretch of my life,
I may have been to selfish to others in mine, 
Believe me when I say I feel like I commented the deadliest crime,
Still young, but trying, This may give  me closure  of some kind, 
It makes me feel better knowing in the long run what I could find,
It makes the world a difference, To me, that's just Fine,
Lost in confusion, This sent to the future, where there are still to many 

By: ScottS2011