Heinous Truths

Written by: Leighann Anderson

Many stories surround creatures
which we have little understanding,
some are accepted then yet others
are feared and thus condemned to 
a life of misery.
Humans carry a gene that gives
the ability to be cruel
and sometimes heinous towards
something that does not meet
their meaning of normality.
The eyes are not windows into
the mind they are only pathways
in which images reflect; reflection
can fool for we do not look past 
what we see in front of us.
Many creatures suffer brutality 
by many thus they turn cold and
withdrawn; sadness radiates
within their lonely souls.
Darkness follows, like an irksome
stain that refuses to be removed
from sight only becoming more
immovable as time goes on.
Heinous truths are rarely revealed,
sadly they are part of society forever
drowning in deceit and propaganda; light
will only be shown when honesty
and truth prevail.