A Test of Will and Magic: the Master

Written by: Tiffiny Hagan

“Come on, Patri! Concentrate!”

I think these words,
As I watch him battle.
I know the mental attack
The elders are putting him through, 
And I don’t like it.
There are other ways.

“Patri, help me. Patri!”

I hear the voice of his love, Tarina, 
Just as clear as if it was in my own head.
Patri has told me the story many times.
His love was killed,
Before his eyes, 
And there was nothing he could do.

“Don’t listen to them, Patri! They’re not real!”

It’s only part of the test.
I know it’s necessary;
But I don’t have to agree.
I wish I could help him 
But I can not.
He must do it on his own.
I know he can.

He turns and repels one attack,
Almost getting hit by another.
His concentration is slipping.

“Patri! Concentrate!”

He must pass. 
He has come too far
To be sent back.
I have taught him 
Everything I know.
What he needs now,
I cannot teach him.

He must teach it to himself.