Old Crush

Written by: Johnathon Souders

Age is only a spec of influence, 
To dipping a heart in a Ocean 
That the enlightened 
walk away from. 
But only a dual meeting, 
A soul tickled, 
 Causing long looks 
to Fatigable accounts  
Lines to capture,
 hocks to wow. 
Remembering tho,
this M.O. 
I scowled inward
To realities past,  
Especially quite with attention. 
Grew a big city mind,
 in a small town
.Adding the rules of: 
Instance’s  complicated, 
Orbiting what is,
hoping for gravity,
“Thought you guys were checking me out”
She said Free felinity,
 few can pull off.
spoke as if to a crowed
Something I would never speak,
 to strangers
Masculinity humbled to the fact 
she’s beautiful
Keeping her in mind
 for latter.