Let Fly the Beast

Written by: Amy Green

Why O' why did I let this dragon fly?
Beast unleashed from inside,
Hovering heinously in the night sky.

Jagged tail of spine,
are just cruel words of mine.
Teeth as daggers, rip and tear-
are just my stupid feats to scare.

Gallant knight, only who to calm
This malevolent, deranged specter
I am mere putty in your palm.
Tho a diseased, volatile vector.

My Gallant Man- beast tamer
The crimson of this dragon, blood...
incensed in guilt- eyes cry a flood.
Rescue me again, as I claim
another incident of the insane.

Angel come to me-
The dragon shall hide,
Hopefully never to come alive
I make a plea to you upon my knee.

Without you all is naught,
except the dragon, will 
never be caught...

A. Green