Water Works

Written by: Scarlett Crittenden

Simple, elemental, essential, source of Life
Coursing this blue planet’s rivers and streams
Rush fast through the harbor burst out to sea

Sail open ocean, charge shore by Moon’s guide
Morph mass and matter, touch atmosphere
Return condensed, slightly cloaked vaporized

Creeping and crawling fog in to the Bay
Over land, pushing pass mountainous range
Pressurized band together, pouring rain, snow and sleet

Then temperature rises to a certain degree
Fluid get moody, puts on quite a show
Loud crashing thunder opens the scene
Live wires cross, strike hard down to earth

Birth new vegetation after the burn
Showering love and nurturing the grow
All creatures gain from the work water sows

Scarlett Critttenden
For Member Contest "Write Me a Rippling Stream"