Just like football I am waiting ,

Written by: DON JOHNSON

Just like football I am waiting ,
on the side line,
To go up on the field,
Yes we are playing Goodooga,
Aboriginal big guys, tough as steel.

Here comes Albert racing faster,
Trotting down the bloody wing,
Gotta stop him, take him head on,
Hit his ankles, the hurting thing .

Fell him like a big old tree,
Pot belly lands on me ,
I’m a still a seeing stars,
Shadow sparring, 
all round me ,
Get up you silly Galah.

So there I was out on the wing ,
Waiting for a pass to me.
Intercept, Albert's a coming ,
 he passes ball, dodges see .

Just a few of broken arms,
Black eyes worn with pride.
Rugby Leage  what a battle ,
Carry the ball through the other side.

Running for the other goal,
Sidestepped Albert, got there see.
Not a bloody forward pass,   (illegal)
 Planted it between the trees.

At 17 I was in an interstate game,
between Dirranbandi n Goodooga, we lost. (shame)