Foolish Actions

Written by: Leighann Anderson

I stand here yelling
false tales at you,
soon I walk out of
the door; I feel 
stupid and foolish.
I reach a fence, it
shines in the dim
street light.
I hear my name being
called; peering at
the bright moon I
ignore the sound for 
I know it is you calling
out for me to return.
I turn a corner and instantly
I am in an unfamiliar street,
I begin to feel alone and
I feel as if someone is 
behind me, like a creeping
shadow of a ghost.
I turn around expecting to
see a mugger but instead
it is you with tears of
fear and worry running
down your face.
I peer into your tear-filled
eyes, pain and shattered feelings
are reflected; guilt grows
within me in an instant.
Softly I embrace you in
arms for I now see the
error of my ways; they have
bruised your heart and sweet,
compassionate soul and I,
for one, must heal the 
wounds I have created by
my foolish actions.