Written by: Scott Skaggs

It's wonderful all the people that are willing to come together,
No matter how big or small the disaster, Man made or mother nature,
They're always a lending hand to rebuild lives, We all need to keep our hero's 
of the world in mind, They never had to be this kind, They're present in your life for 
your relief,
Thank you search and rescue teams, Thank you anyone who is just a volunteer 
willing to help, 
I can't imagine How all those families felt,All the people lost there homes, Loved 
ones lost too, 
I feel for these people in knowing what they've been through, All in shock , Not 
knowing where to
go, After getting stuck in the path of an EF5 tornado, 

Inspired by a true story in Joplin Missouri. I was born in Joplin then moved away. 
Once I graduated high school. I  returned. I lived In Joplin for 6 years after 
returning. Then moved out of state. The day 
I was coming to visit my family in Joplin is the day that the storm came through 
producing this mass 
destruction. That day Was the 22 of may 2011..

By: ScottS2011