The Shadow

Written by: Leighann Anderson

I sit watching myself,
I feel so alone in this
dream-like tale.
I dance but there is no
floor beneath my feet.
A thick mist slowly 
appears, surrounding me
and my reflection; I 
suddenly feel something
touch my lips, it feels
like warm fingers, they
are as soft as silk.
It whispers softly and
my heart begins to race;
it becomes a shadow, it
is standing in front of me.
A light begins to shine,
it becomes clear; I awake
suddenly to be back in my
room with nothing but the
street light shining 
through the window.
I slowly sit up, I see
a dark figure standing at
the foot of my bed, my
heart races once more.
The shadow approaches
my side; it gently sits
beside me.
My eyes are unable to
focus in the dim light;
I feel fear beginning
to grow within me.
Without warning, clouds
unmask the moon flooding 
my room with light;
the shadow is revealed; eyes
begin to shimmer like crystals,
my fear has gone; it is my
one true love returning from
a bloodstained war.