Grandpa's Mason Jars

Written by: James Loggins

Grandpa split his money in half
One half went down to the racetrack
The other half was buried
Three feet down in the backyard

He told us the day he died:
"Sonny boy don't do what I've done
Save up all your money
And only spend it on stuff you really need."

So as time went by
I grew up with a steady job,
A nice little house in the country,
And a pretty decent truck

But every Friday after the Five O'clock whistle
I'd go to the bar and take my wallet out
Tell the bartender: "Hey man give us a round,
I do not care how much it costs."

The reason why I never care
About the cost of certain things is
Because of one simple thing:
I got a closet full of grandpa's mason jars