Tears of an Angel

Written by: Leighann Anderson

Every time he smiles he
lets me into the deep
waters of his angelic
I drown happily in his
sweet and magical eyes;
eyes of the deepest blue,
like the oceans that behold
many unlocked secrets.
Whilst I sleep in a
far away land where everything
seems out of reach, tears fall
down his angelic face, he embraces
me; he falls into the pit
of despair where unborn spirits
Many voices suddenly appear within
my mind but only one is clear, the 
words are full of pain and
desperate wanting; it is him
asking me to return.
But why should I?
It is so peaceful here with 
nothing but light and colour
surrounding me.
Still his voice remains, like
a quiet echo within my mind;
I must return to reality to
soothe my hurting angel.
I awake and embrace his wet
face wiping away the tears
of misery and heartache.
Suddenly he embraces me 
tightly; his heart beats 
frantically from the sudden 
wave of relief and his ocean
blue eyes begin to sparkle 
once more.