My new love

Written by: Sophia Smith

You have captured my heart with your love, with your promises, with your deeds. I 
have surrendered to charm and embalm in your principles. You have made me glow 
brighter than a summer sun thus making me warm from the rays of your 
compassion, and you have intoxicated me with your sweet words. I am  now captive 
in your laws, and I shall remain a prisoner. You have comfort me in distress, and 
make my heart rejoice when I am in sorrow. How could I give you up when you have 
satisfied my needs. You never force me to love you nor serve you. You have only 
shown me the way. How could I leave such security for empty promises when you 
have proven you loyalty by remaining by my side; you have demonstrated your love  
by making me,  and you have promised me a paradise for my home. How could I give 
my heart to someone else when it has already have been given to you, my sweet 
love Jehovah.