Written by: Leighann Anderson

A white blanket of
fluffy snow covers
all the land; it glitters
as we pass.
As we walk on it crunches
beneath our feet, like sweet
sherbet in our mouth.
Icicles as long as spears
glimmer in the winter sun.
Every window is covered in
snow and mist, creating a
sense of cold.
Every garden is the same:
white and filled with snowmen
created by the humour of children.
As the weeks pass, the sweet
blanket of snow begins to melt
creating pock-marked surroundings.
Many gardens appear barren without
the once luscious bloom of colour,
still winter begins to pass and
nature awakens; snow-drops
appear in every garden, like
a message of welcome.
Slowly the gardens begin to
bloom of colour and the 
snow-drop disappears 
once more.