Written by: Leighann Anderson

Life creates many things,
from plants to animals but
many forget the most vital 
creation that begun many 
millennia ago; the birth 
of planet Earth.
Only a cloud of debris existed
in the cosmos that swirled
under gravity; slowly clumps of
ordinary looking stone begun
to stick together after a
thunderous impact; heat generated
These mundane stones grew bigger;
their journey had suddenly begun.
Earth has many secrets hidden
beneath its outer shell but
sometimes it hints at the glory
of its power to create.
The earth we walk on is created
by magma so hot it glows in the
night; still the Earth has secrets;
gemstones are created by such
natural events.
Some are more cherished than others
then yet some are even eaten
without a single thought.
Some sparkle like stars, some
shine like gold while others
are dull and inert but have
such colours, like a rainbow,
they brighten up a smile when found.
However how a gemstone appears they
are still a creation of Earth; 
powerful, resilient and beholder
of beauty.