Together yet apart

Written by: Whitney Warren

You say you miss being with me since you’ve been without.
I’m still stuck in your mind and you haven’t tried to move on.
How can I put my trust in something that is a blur.
I simply rely on faith but I still cant be sure.
Yet there is something about you that keeps bringing me back.
You still feel me with you even when your far away.
We  always get back together cause we’re not right apart.
We’ve been drawn to each other right from the start.
It’s true were not certain but who can say they are.
Don’t take this personal, that’s not what this is.
Fearing we will either collapse or click I simply avoid.
Quickly I crawl from content to paranoid.
When we’re together it doesn’t quite fall into place.
But when we’re apart the distance I can’t take.
With all these words revealed I’m still left with confusion.
The reality of finding an answer was only an illusion.