Blood Lust

Written by: Leighann Anderson

One stands utterly still
in darkness only lit
by a full moon obscured by
eerie clouds, drifting 
slowly across the moon’s path.
Nothing moves, not even a 
gentle breeze exists in
this place that has been
painted black.
Sound does not enter one’s 
ears; quiet has overcome its
presence, it makes one feel
deafened by silence.
Still one stands motionless awaiting
that sudden sound created by
human presence.
One awaits hidden in the gloomy
shadows created by edifices
created by man to provide
safety; how wrong they were.
Something moves making the
gravelled paths crunch like
breaking bones.
Their heart beats loudly, 
their veins protrude
teasing one to strike but
one must wait,
one must not be too hasty 
or all will be revealed at
the wrong moment; timing is
The sound steadily grows louder;
the creature is in the vicinity
of my presence, the smell of its
blood is potent enticing one to
lust its precious gift of life
that flows through its body. 
It passes the edifice that
creates the shadows one is 
hidden in; one has stricken
without warning.
Blood pours in to one’s mouth
through the harsh wound now 
upon the creature’s neck, it
warms one’s dead heart making
it beat only for moments.
The creature squirms endlessly; 
pointless and futile,
it becomes sluggish and grey,
one stops and pauses; the 
creature dropped with a
heavy thump, it was a man.
One breathes heavily; blood drips 
sinisterly down on to one’s chin whilst
peering at the now dead
man lying on the ground
in a twisted way; its
bones snapped and protruding
through raw muscle.
One has killed, stolen
innocence and still the
blood lust grows, like
perverted roots that
never stop expanding
deeper in to earth;
that is where one truly
belongs, buried beneath,
trapped, alone and with
nothing but hunger for all eternity.