The Foreigner

Written by: rinki nandy

Useless and awful, 
Far away from beautiful,
Not a friend, not a foe,
Minding my life and my woe,
Down with the fever of a nympho,
I cried ho… ho… ho,
When came your eyes toward pointing at my low,
Darling unleashed into the jungle of prejudice and honey and silk flows,
Enemy of mine with eyes such divine,
Cries my heart where did you go?
Agony of mine, my red wine,
Where did you go?
Thought you I will die,
Without you I won’t survive,
O you ugly thief I erase you,
I raise you,
To my lips in your last breath and kiss you softly like we never met,
O you monstrous Jonah I forgive you,
For breaking in and jinxing my kismet,
Drown in the sea or,
Lie awake by your death,
Leave quietly or,
Shoot some in the air,
Tell you bizarre foreigner I don’t care,
When I raise you to my lips to kiss softly and stare.