The Luncheon of the Boating Party

Written by: gautami phookan


The  luncheon  of  French  bourgeoisie  under  frilly  striped  awning.
Young  fair  maiden, rosy  cheeks- beguiling  her  eyes;  leans  on  the  railing.
Amidst  fruits  and  undrunk  wine  in  amorous  air  strokes dog, a  wife.
Men  look  askance  in yellow  straw  hats,  faces  muse  in  blazing  whites.
Quivering  tints  alive  on  a  terrace,  evolve  in  sunbathed  human  life.


"Inspired by Pierre Auguste Renoir's painting,
-- Luncheon of the Boating Party"
..*in this stroking the dog is the artist's wife

Honorable Mention
For the contest "Ekphrasis Painting, skulpture..."
Sponsored by Brian Strand