Pacify Me

Written by: Amanda Miller

Tom foolery, 
Sparking intense anxiety
Led by panting and arguing
And violent door slamming.

A woman leaves.
Tears, gracing her eyes
A man recedes,
 Fearful anger proceeds

An annoyed man 
Sets out all his plans
His tools in place
His anger, as he tries to ease.

The woman, it seems
Goes out, not as pleased
Immersing in work
And in fallacious day dreams.

She, returns in the end.
The whole journey, disconnected
She ascends
A bell sings, and the door comes loose again.

Quiet ignorance, I believe
Silent treatment, ensues
For neither of them, I see,
Are prepared to yield.

A covert argument 
A disastrous feat
Still bickering and droning
So nasty, that screech

With dusk, comes an epiphany 
Love, silently revealed
An apology, both necessary 
And indulgently concealed

The canker, it rests 
As geese and gander lay down their vests
For an uproar that will accompany
Another sad and poignant apology