Girl without a mirror

Written by: mary abdali

Did you hear the story, about the girl without a mirror
let me tell you the tale of ashley sherer
Charming as can be,almond skin and red lips,
she was delicate,porcelain from head to tips
Eyes like emerald,sparkling in the moonlight
auburn hair you could admire from far sight
Tall and slender with a  heart of gold,
her beauty bewildered the earth,but she was never told
Unaware of her magic,she wandered around
Misjudged everyone's gaze,cried and frowned
She never looked in the mirror,the one in her room,
thought she was ugly,could never find a groom
Broken and and gloomy,took a path unaware of where it lead,
Tried to please every man to get praises in bed
Didn't discriminate,let all of them satisfy their lust,
some pity praises seemed to quench her thirst
She was thrown some quarters , for the work she did
with bruises on her back,and swollen eyelid
Ashley didn't look in the mirror
Didn't see her angelic perfection
Always depended on others to tell her potential
and now after years, the girl is a mess
makes ends meet,oh ashley but your beauty was priceless!